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 Adoption of 3D modeling and rendering services can serve as a permanent solution and replacement for legacy photographic processes by providing the following opportunities.

  • Faster Speed To Market – by leveraging superior image quality and presentation materials, 3D modeling and rendering greatly accelerates your push to market.
  • Ability To Change – change covers, scenes, and styles without costly physical build-outs and mistakes.
  • Replacement of  Traditional Studio Methods – Aids in the ultimate replacement of traditional studio/vignette shoots leading to greater customization and flexibility in distributor marketing support.
  • Higher Conversion Rate – Studies have proven that multiple photos create higher conversion rates than singe photos but 360 degree spins exponentially increase conversion rates in eCommerce.


Keep the sense of Lifestyle and demographic styling when moving over to digital workflow. Virtual 3d Photography created by VFX Direct will allow your customers. Changing colorways or textiles on a product or a wall covering or floor type is feasible with minor added cost easily transforming  your staged room from Midwestern Lifestyle theme to Yankee Modern without moving and staging a single piece of furniture or renting elaborate photography studio, equipment and staff. All While reducing your carbon footprint and saving money.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction – Virtual photo real prototyping of initial design concepts and actual products will reduce waste and budget. It is cheaper and less wasteful to utilize virtual renderings.
  • Product Design Teams– Far cheaper and faster turnaround to experiment with material colors & textures (virtually) rather than multiple physical prototypes which are costly and slower to produce.
  • Going to Market Early – Render the product before it is physically manufactured and incorporate into sales and marketing collateral to gain market penetration months or years before the product is in store.


Beyond color, shape, and texture, VFX Direct can create unlimited vignettes to suit distinct market segments for your customers, saving you thousands of dollars in set design, location expenses, and photography.


VFX Direct’s 3D modeling and rendering approach provides photo-realistic quality and unlimited, virtual change opportunities accelerating your profitability and competitiveness far beyond that of traditional photography. Changes in color, shape, texture, and environment are fast and cost-effective compared to traditional photographic processes.


Re-purpose models for use with most any available 3rd party designer layout program on the market. VFX Direct can export your models “ready to use” into industry leading file formats such as .dxf, .dwg, .3ds, .skp, and more. By making these available through various industry outlets and via your own media vehicles, products will be available to the masses increasing visibility, usage, and ultimately increased sales!

See AFR Event Furnishings Entire 3d Model Library which can be downloaded in various industry standard formats from their website as well as a full Trimble SketchUp Warehouse Library: AFR SketchUp Warehouse Library

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